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Crowley Funeral Directors
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Contact Details
Bóthar Saclay, Ballincollig, Cork
021 487 4777     021 487 6835     Email     Website
24 Hour: 021 487 4777
Michael Crowley (CFP, BIE, PEAI), Patricia Crowley (CFP)
About Us
As an independant family run Funeral service we have a very specific role in assuming overall responsibility for arranging and supervising a funeral.

The Funeral Directors responsibilities include:
Taking responsibility for ensuring that every aspect of the funeral is organised and carried out in keeping with religious and personal preferences and within the agreed budget. Ensuring help, support and guidance is offered when, and as, required. Providing relevent information and assistance before, during and after the funeral.

Caring for the Deceased

Embalming, preparation and presentation for viewing of the body of the deceased.

Arranging the Funeral
Organising every detail to do with care and transport of the deceased and transport of the mourners. Making every arrangement and payment to do with the church, cemetery / crematorium, newspapers, florist, organists, soloists, caterers, and others.
Our Services
This is a service whereby the remains of a deceased are either returned to their home country or returned from abroad to Ireland for burial or cremation.

We offer a complete cremation service. This service can be a Religious or secular service and can take place either in the Church, Funeral Home or the Crematorium. Both the coffin and the body are cremated and the ashes are usually returned within 24 to 48 hours after cremation. The ashes can be buried in a family plot or scattered in some favourite location of the deceased.

Floral Tributes
We supply fresh and silk floral tributes.

Headstones engraved and cleaned.

Acknowledgements and In Memoriam notices inserted in all newspapers.
Street View of Bothar Saclay, Ballincollig
Map of Bothar Saclay, Ballincollig
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